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Julie saw firsthand through her previous career and with her own family how the environment can affect one's health. So, she took it to the next level. By designing with the environment in mind, she has aligned her love of fashion with her respect for nature in a unique collection of handbags and men's bags.

Sustainability requires that every step in the production chain be carefully evaluated for its effects on the environment. From using chrome free vegetable tanned leathers to certified organic cotton and hemp, to packaging, Muratori bags are sustainable by design.

Natural and Vegetable Based Dyes

We mainly utilize vegetable-tanned, chrome-free leather, which results in a biodegradable product that doesn't pollute the waterways with unhealthy heavy metals. Our naturally tanned leather is unbelievably soft and the natural dyes create leather that is beautifully and uniquely grained with natural markings. We utilize only the finest Italian leathers.

Organic Cotton

We utilize organic cotton linings on all of our handbags. Every Muratori handbag is packaged in an organic cotton bag that can be repurposed for many uses for years to come.


We conserve in our offices by using high efficiency light bulbs, choosing energy star rated equipment and encouraging the use of public transportation and car pooling. We purchase renewable green energy and hydro power to further do our part to protect the environment.


By utilizing only the finest craftsman in Italy, we create handbags that are meant to last. We have a personal relationship with our sources and know each material that is put into our line. We believe quality is essential in producing a sustainable product and that is why we manufacture in Italy, where the history of quality and fashion is legendary.

Now you can confidently indulge your desire for fashion with your love of the environment.

With the world in mind

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