Luxury…with the world in mind sums up the Muratori mission of producing high quality designer handbags that are both beautiful and environmentally conscious.

When Julie Berard and husband Todd launched Muratori they wanted to do more than just design beautiful handbags. Their dream was to produce luxurious high fashion handbags that were sensitive to the environment. By design they wanted to satisfy today’s customer who wants it all – style, environmental sensitivity and ethical business practices. Abraham Lincoln said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today,” and that’s the guiding premise behind every decision we make in selecting the materials and the processes that go into our handbags. At Muratori we’ve created a collection that supports our values and satisfies our design ethic. We believe one of the most powerful tools for change is the power of the purse. As consumers, we each vote our values by deciding where we spend our dollars. Whether the choice is considered or habitual, that which we purchase we are supporting. That’s why at Muratori we make it an integral part of our manufacturing to know what we are buying and from whom, so that you can be confident in your purchase.


Muratori (pronounced muir-a-tour-ee), is Julie’s grandmother’s surname. It means “builder” in Italian. Muratori was chosen as a way of honoring Julie’s determined and strong-willed grandmother who immigrated to America as a young woman. By naming the company, Muratori, Julie and Todd hope to bring that same determination and commitment to making a difference in the world, one luxurious handbag at a time.

Now you can confidently indulge your desire for fashion with your love of the environment. Every handbag in the collection is made in Italy from materials that have been carefully selected to be eco-sensitive.

Muratori…Luxury with the World in Mind.